HySun – a solar hybrid cooling technology

solar hybrid cooling technology

A solar hybrid cooling technology named “HySun” is being developed within RE-COGNITION project. The main idea behind SHC technology is to provide new degrees of freedom to the users and gave them the possibility to switch between thermal and electrical power as well as increase the RES penetration in cooling power production.

HySun technology is based on solid adsorption materials that physically uptake water vapor from the air and release them back following a heating process. The driving heat can be served at different temperature level depending on the used materials and the time requested for the regeneration.

Furthermore, this heat can be provided from various technologies such as solar thermal collectors, cogeneration plants, and, in general, waste heat. Generally speaking, the lower is the regeneration temperature, the more extensive are the technologies that can be used.

The main objectives of the SHC are:

  • To improve the efficiency concerning traditional compression cycles.
  • To deal with the possibility to use multiple sources and multiple energy vectors to produce the cooling power.

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