BE-PLATO – Building Energy Plant planning Tool

The main objective of BE-PLATO is to provide to the building stakeholders a tool that allows them to study the viability and the effects of the installation of renewables or high-efficiency technologies.

BE-PLATO will offer decision support based on the building characteristics and opportunities present for installing renewables, giving the user the possibility to foresee the effect of renewable energy adoption at the building scale.

The goals of this tool are:

  • Provide useful suggestions to assess the impact of renewable energy sources introduction.
  • Analyze the benefits of installing renewable systems (estimate the investments, savings and energy generation compared
    with the current situation).
  • Minimize costs to meet the building’s total energy demand.
  • Empower CO2 reduction awareness.

BE-PLATO is a simulation and optimization tool capable of optimizing objective functions that take into account the constraints related to the balance between energy consumption and energy production, even in the presence of storage systems.
It also decides, based on economic criteria, what should be the dimensions of each single REs to take full advantage of their properties.

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