RE-COGNITION system architecture

The RE-COGNITION conceptual system architecture comprises three main layers:

  • Building equipment layer – consists of the novel field equipment technologies that are about to be developed in the RE-COGNITION project. A Renewable Energy Sources Integration Platform is developed, which incorporate existing, as well as newly developed RES and storage components, along with peripheral electrical and thermal load equipment (HVACs, chillers, ICT devices, EV chargers, conventional load equipment etc.). They will communicate with the ICT layer of the platform through an Application Programming Interface;
  • ICT backbone layer – incorporates the Automated Cognitive Energy Management Engine (ACEME), the intelligent Gateway (iGateway), the BE – PLATO tool and the Building Energy Flows simulator;
  • Visualization layer – represents the interface through which the stakeholders communicate with RE-COGNITION system and corresponds to the Visual Analytics Dashboard (VAD).

system architecture

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