RE-COGNITION PV-Lightweight Modules

The lightweight PV module design within the RE-COGNITION project is based on the use of composite materials and polymer films to replace the standard glass-glass configuration for the back sheet and the front sheet, respectively. A process for colouring polymeric adhesive film was developed to achieve the target of aesthetical appealing, lightweight BIPV modules. The shape and size of the coloured and lightweight BIPV modules depend on the specification of the site where BIPV modules are going to install.

CSEM colour technology commercialized today by the company Solaxess was used and adapted with EPFL for realizing the  RE-COGNITION lightweight coloured façades demonstrator.

Lightweight PV modules with a weight of 5-6Kg/m2 (compared to 15-20Kg for conventional BIPV products) are manufactured by the project partner EPFL.

CSEM and EPFL teams have combined their technologies to develop lightweight/coloured BIPV products.

Temperature coefficients for PERC cells

  • Voltage (β): -0.2943%/K
  • Current (α): 0.0405%/K
  • Power(ϒ): -0.375%/K


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