VAWT installation at Electric Corby pilot site

Windcity completed the delivery and pre-installation of the pilot passive variable geometry wind turbine for RE-COGNITION Project in Corby Northamptonshire County Council UK.  The small turbine positioned to south urban winds in the Corby Innovation Hub park will be supported by a completely reversible screw anchors foundation by T-Block. 
Main highlights of the technology
Windcity patented a new generation of wind turbines, maximizing energy production by exploiting the variability of the winds found at urban altitudes.
This solution overcomes the difficulties of current wind turbines: it is more efficient and less bulky, which allows it to be installed in urban centres and places with limited space.
The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine:
• Adapts to the changing flow of the wind.
• Start-up times reduced by 75%.
• Increase up to 4 times the energy collected.
• Up to 3500 kWh per year.
• Internet of Things connectivity.
See how the implementation went! Check out the video below !⬇


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