Project objectives

  • Envision and develop an ICT-based building-wide Automated Cognitive Engine that will monitor, predict, optimise and control the energy flow in-between the various supply and demand sub-systems aiming at maximising building self-consumption and RES utilisation.
  • Deliver breakthrough innovations in core RES technologies for the buildings’ sector in Europe, maximising the systems’ performance for a lower cost.
  • Enhance interoperability, resiliency and scalability through a hybrid MAS-based architecture.
  • Ensure optimal integration planning of RES and subsystems, based on a multi-criteria decision support tool facilitating installers’ and building owners’ decision-making process.
  • Small-Scale Testing and Validation of the final solution in close to real-life forward-looking scenarios.
  • Create and evaluate customer-centric business models that will effectively exploit the potential of the proposed solution in several energy markets in Europe.