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Politecnico di Torino (POLITO,, is the second largest technical school in Italy. The Politecnico offers excellence in technology and promotes the ability to carry out theoretical or applied research and also the capacity to achieve concrete and reliable productive processes or organise services and facilities. It offers excellent courses to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as training to postgraduates and continuing education services.

The educational offer by POLITO is broad and distinctive, including BS degree courses, MS degree courses, 1st and 2nd Level Specializing Masters and PhD curricula. The range of studies spans space, environment and land, telecommunications, information, energy, mechanics, electronics, chemistry, automation, industrial design, architecture and building, very different subjects requiring different study methods as well as inventiveness.

In addition, Polito is interested in developing permanent partnerships in research and education with industries that want to take advantage of university collaboration for innovation, and development.

Politecnico draws up about 800 contracts with industries, government-funded institutions, local organizations. With more than 150 bilateral international agreements and 40 double degree agreements, POLITO has links with the most prestigious Universities in Europe and in the world and participates in various initiatives to promote and encourage the student mobility and the attainment of degrees in its partner institutions.

Moreover, POLITO is part of some of the major European interuniversity networks (CESAER, CLUSTER, E.C.I.U, EUA, CMU). These contacts will permit to spread and disseminate information and project results to a wider number of institutions. The participation to many international projects allows Politecnico to count on a great experience: in the 7th Framework Programme, Politecnico di Torino was involved in more than 170.

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The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) is the only research center in Northern Greece and one of the largest in the country and it was founded in 2000. CERTH has important scientific and technological achievements in many areas including Energy, Environment, Industry, Mechatronics, Information & Communication, Transportation & Sustainable Mobility, Health, Agro-biotechnology, Smart farming, Safety & Security, as well as several cross-disciplinary scientific areas.

Contact details:

Address: 6th km Charilaou-Thermi Rd
P.O. Box 60361
GR 57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki
Tel:  +30 2310 498100
Fax: +30 2310 498180



Energy@Work is an Italian non-profit innovative company founded in 2014. The main experiences and skills are focused on the development of innovative ICT solutions for energy management within buildings.

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Address: Via Marina del Mondo 62, 70043 Monopoli (BA), Italy

Telephone: 080228145


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Greece’s leading electronics, communications, and hybrid energy systems provider in the defense and security areas.

Focusing primarily on the armament programs of Greek and foreign defense ministries and NATO.

Achieved course and experience in Greece and abroad since 1992.

Participates in a series of international defense and security systems development and production programs.

Co-production in collaboration with leading international manufacturers in the defense and security fields.

High level
and experienced personnel. Scientific Staff 54%.

Significant international activity:
99% exports of the annual turnover of last years, sales in Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, Luxemburg (NSPA), Sweden, UK, and the USA.

in Research & Development investing an important percentage of annual turnover.

research laboratories for fast development and testing of new innovative products.

Modern and high-level industrial infrastructure.

collaborations with major international defense and security manufacturers.

Contact details:  

Address: 21 Km. Markopoulou Ave., 194-41 Koropi, Attica, Greece
Tel: (+30) 210-6678000
Fax: (+30) 210-6678001
G.E.MI: 6657001000
Tel.: (+30) 210-6678000
Fax: (+30) 210-6678001



The ZH Srl is a spin-off from Politecnico of Milan.

Funded by Environmental, Energy efficiency and Built Environment Experts, Finance Professional Advisors and Innovation Specialists, it focuses its activities on the technological transfer, manufacturing and commercialization of integrated and high-efficiency building solutions. ZH partners are accredited professionals and companies with more than thirty years experience in the field of industrial and civil engineering services and sustainable architecture R&D, who gained accountability by developing many plants characterized by low primary energy demand, to a quite zero net energy building.

ZH Srl key-activities address to mainly building integration and high-efficiency building solutions; green business and renewable energy market; energy efficiency and renewable finance sustainability; innovation and high-tech industry.

ZH Srl mission is to provide the market with original technical solutions and cutting edge technology; its approach is driven by finding effective solutions by resources optimization (key drivers: economic, ergonomics, operational, ecological and energy efficiency) and supported by evaluation of the solutions’ lifelong environmental impact.

The specific areas in which the partners ZH focused their activities and where can claim innovative and consolidated experience are shown below:
• envelope efficiency: building insulation, advanced building facades, fenestration (i.e. windows, door, skylights), high-efficiency glazing, air sealing;
• renewable energies: photovoltaic, solar thermal, hybrid photovoltaic-thermal, geothermal, cogeneration and trigeneration, hydro and small wind;
• building HVAC systems: air conditioning systems, water and sanitation, fire and safety, electrical and lighting;
• building energy audits: optimizing energy performance in accordance with manufactory process, passive solar systems, control systems, solar systems for daylighting, natural ventilation systems, performance evaluation;
• industrial processes: central heating and cooling design and dimensioning, process engineering optimization, distribution systems analysis, steam hot water and industrial fluids production, cold storage performance evaluation, thermal storage systems and energy recovery systems towards minimization of nonrenewable energy sources.

Contact details:

Address: Via Bonardi 9, 20133 Milano – Italy
Tel.: +39 02 2399 5118

Type of project: H2020 IA Project
Number of partners: 16
Number of countries: 10
Project Duration: 4 years
Geographical focus: Central and Southern Europe



With 350+ laboratories and research groups on campus, EPFL is one of Europe’s most innovative and productive scientific institutions. Ranked top 2 in Europe and top 11 worldwide (Shanghai ranking – ARWU Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences), EPFL has attracted the best researchers in their fields. EPFL is centered on its 3 missions: teaching, research, and technology transfer. EPFL has 338 faculty and 10’000+ students. EPFL’s PVlab has pioneered several new processes for photovoltaic devices, with important technology transfer to the industry. EPFL has extensive experience and full processing facilities for the fabrication of high-quality Si-based solar cells. Based on its experience, it has also developed expertise in full module packaging, electrical and lifetime characterization, and BIPV-related projects.

Within the scope of the call, PVLab’s activities are primarily related to:

BIPV module technology: (1) Lamination/encapsulation processes; (2) Accurate performance testing (Wp rating) and energy-yield modelling (kWh/kWp); (3) Reliability/lifetime testing, and development or extended test sequences (pre-normative inputs); (4) FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis) of field-aged modules and analysis of long-term degradation curves, including correlation to laboratory accelerated-aging testing; (5) Modelling of degradation mechanisms as a function of specific climatic conditions.

Monitoring: (1) Energy-yield modeling (kWh/kWp) and analysis of monitoring data; (2) Diagnostics & Identification of failure modes (primarily modules); (3) Cost analysis and modelling, including LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity); (4) In-situ measurements and monitoring in modules of strain, humidity, temperatures.

Contact details: 

Address: Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland



Neuchâtel—famous for its long tradition of watchmaking and microtechnology—proves the ideal location for this groundbreaking innovation hub. Three of the canton’s microtechnology institutions (the Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH), the Fondation Suisse pour la Recherche en Microtechnique (FSRM), and the Laboratoire Suisse de Recherches Horlogères (LSRH)) merge. The Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) is born.

From day one, a number of well-known Swiss companies support the new center. Many become shareholders and maintain links with CSEM as it develops.

CSEM is committed to both applied and industry-commissioned R&D. A bridge and catalyst for the transfer of technology and know-how between science and the economy, we continually adapt our research focus to meet industry’s needs. And this constant re-adaptation has taken the center beyond its historic ties with watchmaking. Since Beta 1—the world’s first electronic watch (developed by CEH)—first paved the way for the use of microtechnology in domains other than horology, we have moved microtechnology into many new fields. Today, CSEM supplies a broad range of markets—including automotive, medical, machine tools, and space exploration—with an even broader range of technological solutions.

Contact details:

Address: Rue Jaquet-Droz 1 2002 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 32 720 5111




Developing our new technology, we have accepted the challenge of consistently increase the efficiency of fluid machines that work with alternative sources, wind and water, where today the variability of natural resources weighs heavily on the energy production. More production will eventually mean offering a realistic alternative to the fossil mix market, and all conventional energy sources.

Through this project, we will be able to integrate our small wind turbines in the urban environment at the building scale: optimal energy, safety & comfort delivered for the first time not only to the ground, but also to the rooftop installation.


Contact details:  

Address: Piazza Manifattura, 1
38068 – Rovereto, Trento, Italia
VAT Number 02430350229



Micro Turbine Technology BV (MTT) is an innovative company developing and commercializing advanced micro gas turbines and applications for various markets.
We are located in Eindhoven, in the center of the high-tech area of the Netherlands, and home to several top high-tech industries and -institutes. This offers optimal access to key partners and services.

Contact details:

Address: Esp 310 Eindhoven 5633 AE, The Netherlands


Telephone:+31 (0)88 688 0000

Fax:+31 (0)88 688 0050



Founded in 1998, HELLENIC PETROLEUM is one of the leading energy groups in South East Europe, with activities spanning across the energy value chain and presence in six countries. Its shares are primarily listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX: ELPE) with a secondary listing on the London Stock exchange (LSE: HLPD), while its two bond issues are listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange.

The Group’s range of activities includes:

  • Supply, Refining and Trading of petroleum products, both in Greece and abroad
  • Fuels Marketing, both in Greece and abroad
  • Petrochemicals Production and Trading
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • Power Generation & Natural Gas
  • Provision of Consulting and Engineering services to hydrocarbon-related projects

In 2018, Group Adjusted EBITDA amounted to €730m, on total revenues of €9.8bn

The Group is implementing a notable number of CSR activities, focusing mainly on supporting youth and vulnerable groups.

Contact details:

Telephone: +30 210 6302000


Social media links: 

Twitter: HELPE_Group

LinkedIn: HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group of Companies



Servelect’s mission is to provide energy efficiency services and solutions to support industry and commercial buildings in Romania and, indirectly, the families of those working in them.

Contact details:

Address: Teleorman 33, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel/Fax: +40 364 730 808




The University of Bristol is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. It is a thriving international community combining excellence in research and innovation with a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Research is at the heart of the University’s mission and accounts for its international reputation. The University organizes its academic affairs in 25 Schools and 15 research centers arranged in six faculties: Engineering, Science, Medicine and Dentistry, Medical and Veterinary Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, and Arts.

In the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE2008), nearly 93% of research at the University was deemed to be of an international standard. Over 60% of the research assessed was awarded either the top 4* rating, defined as ‘world-leading’, or the 3* rating, ‘internationally excellent’. As a result, in 2009-10 the University was allocated the 8th highest share of government research funding in the UK. The University participates in hundreds of international collaborations both within and outside of Europe and attracts research funding from organisations around the world.

Public engagement team

Within the Research and Enterprise Development Division, the Public Engagement team works across the University of Bristol to support and promote public engagement with research and teaching.

Our team supports a number of innovative projects engaging a range of diverse publics, from SPHERE, an engineering project exploring the use of home-based sensor technologies to improve health impacts, to Green and Black, a community co-creation project aimed at increasing minority ethnic inclusivity in environmental initiatives. We work directly with university research institutes such as the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (Health), Cabot Institute (Environment and sustainability), Brigstow Institute (Arts, Humanities and Technology) and the Jean Goulding Institute (Data science) and collaborate with academic faculties to inspire, devise and implement public engagement activities that have tangible impact in society.

The Public Engagement team coordinate and deliver a range of training to undergraduates, postgraduates and research professionals in the university, embedding effective public engagement in the culture of the university.

One of our specialisms as a department is training and engagement for responsible research and innovation. Through projects such as EU funded PERFORM and Synenergene, we have started to explore different methodologies that bring Responsible Research and Innovation into practice, creating tangible impacts for the public, responding to the specific contexts of different research groups and influencing the culture of research within institutions.

The Public Engagement team works closely with the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement which shares best practice in engagement across the UK universities. More info available at

Contact details:

Mario Pansera


Hannah Berg


electric corby-07


Establish Corby as the UK’s leading community scale demonstrator location for future low carbon living, working and transportation.

The CIC’s Mission is to
Support economic growth, develop job opportunities and build a better place ensuring the Corby community benefits from our efforts.

Our approach is to
Develop and promote projects that actively enhance Corby and support its growth objectives, and to secure funding from private and public sources to deliver these projects.

Across this website you can see information about the projects we’re already delivering as well as some of the Switched on Thinking that is leading to new projects and partnerships.



We see the bigger picture. On the road to sustainable EV charging, several industries need to work together: automotive, ICT, and, most of all, the energy sector. We believe that only by addressing the energy side of the equation and using mostly renewable sources for electric transport, EVs can offer a long-term solution to the problems of air pollution, climate change, and energy efficiency.

The way to achieve seamless integration of EV charging into the energy grid is to offer all EV charging related services at home and in public as a part of a smart, comprehensive charging ecosystem. Our solutions aim especially to optimise electric vehicle charging on private locations where the majority of charging will take place. We want to help EV batteries become an essential part of smart grids to facilitate a wide use of renewable energy for electric mobility.

Contact details:

Address: Pod jelšami 6

SI-1290 Grosuplje

Tel.: +386 1 60 10 075




The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, an “Advanced Research and Education University” as awarded with the Order of the Ministry of National Education no 5262/September 5th 2011, is today a tertiary educational institution having both tradition and national and international recognition.

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca comprises twelve faculties in the two academic centres, Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare, as well as in locations, such as Alba-Iulia, Bistrita, Satu Mare and Zalau. The educational offer, aligned to the Bologna system, includes bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, as well as continuous training programs.

The fields of study have a wide range, from engineering to architecture, fundamental sciences, socio-human sciences and arts. Also, within the Technical University, the Department for Continuing Education, Distance Learning and with Reduced Frequency organizes and conducts continuing education activities and programs, postgraduate courses, continuous professional development programs or courses or based on occupational standards.

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is concerned with the international exchange of scientific values, and this trend is found in the over 400 inter-university collaboration agreements or in a large number of student mobilities. Opening up towards the European and world space of education and research through a steady process of internationalization is one of the major objectives of the university.

Research is, along with education, the main priority of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. In all faculties of the university, there are research structures, from collectives, groups and laboratories, to research centers and platforms.  The performance anchored in the socio-economic environment, the international visibility and cooperation as well as the scientific novelty and interdisciplinarity are some of the characteristics of the research environment of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Open research directions are oriented towards global priorities and perspectives: from the Information and communications technology to Renewable Energy and Ecology; from superconductivity, spintronics and nanomaterials, to management and robotics; from mechatronics and electrical engineering to the automobile and the home of the future, or to urbanism and society.

Contact details:  

Address: St. Memorandumului 28, Cluj-Napoca 400114

Tel: +4 0264 401 200

Fax: +4 0264 592 055