Greece - Athens

HELPE corporate headquarters


HELPE corporate headquarters are located in Maroussi, Attica, providing a workplace for approximately 500 employees.The building was built in 2009 and has five floors of office premises covering about 12,000 sqm of workspace. It also has two underground parking lots with a capacity for 450 vehicles which covering roughly 16,000 sqm. The central building has an integrated Building Management System (BMS), which allows controlling of the air conditioning units, lighting (non-LED) and external blinds. The parking spaces are equipped with LED lighting, which uses motion detection.

Technologies to be validated

  • ACEME - Automated Cognitive Energy Management Engine
  • EV Chargers

Indicative scenarios

  • Installation of BIPVs and EV Chargers; data accumulation for running simulation scenarios for optimising EV charging performance according to weather and demand conditions.
  • Formulate baseline data through real-time energy data gathering from legacy RES installed in their buildings and performance validation of Integration Platform in a simulation environment for such scenarios/types of buildings.